Current role

Consultant for VCCP at O2.
I am the accessibility expert for Aura, O2’s global virtual assistant. I support a brilliant, international team working in UK and Spain, pushing the standards for a more inclusive design process and a more accessible product.

Building an intuitive panel to manage websites, servers and customers.

With Enhance, I’ve accepted the challenge to create a very innovative, user-centric, web-based management dashboard for big web hosting companies, small enterprises and ordinary users.

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I was a speaker at the last UX Healthcare conference

Thanks to my work on two educational healthcare portals (and to Tribal Worldwide London, for allowing me to work on such projects), I’ve been invited as a speaker to the UX Healthcare Conference in London. I’ve asked my friend and mentee, Alberto Minelli; currently, Senior UX at Barclays, to come with me since he did a great job on a Biogen when I left.
It was a fantastic opportunity, very inspiring.

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